GEN-TECH DFW & East Texas is here
to repair and service your generator,
on site or at our location, depending
on your needs!

Whether it's a generator in your
RV, racing trailer, home, work
vehicle; etc., we can help.

If you're in the market for a New
Generator or need service on
your existing unit, we have great
solutions. Call Mary at 469-474-8234
Mary@FixYourGenerator.com for
more info!

Need help via phone?
Click here for
a solution!
If you are interested in becoming a
Gen-Tech co-op shop, we'd like to
hear from you.

Please visit our
Join the Team page
for more information.  We offer a
fantastic opportunity to well qualified
Click here to view our Champion brand
home backup power options.
Mary Lang and
husband, Steve